The Closing

The Closing

The closing is the day that the seller looks forward to from the day that they placed their home on the market with an experienced Realtor. What the seller doesn’t Closing Time  - Moving On!realize is the amount of work that the Realtor must do to get to the closing table to collect your check.

Your Realtor has been monitoring the buyer and if the buyer is getting a loan, the loan also. Once the buyer has a clear to close, then your Realtor goes thru his or her check list to assist you in not missing anything before the closing. Here is a list of things that your Realtor you ask you about before the closing.

  • Make sure that you have all the keys and garage door openers.
  • Make sure that you have discontinued your newspaper, garbage, turned off the phone, cable, internet and etc. such as stopped the pool and lawn service.
  • Make sure that you do a walk thru to make sure that you have taken everything.
  • Make sure that you have any and all repairs done (if any) as the buyer will be doing a final walk thru before coming to closing.
  • Make sure that you have your mail forwarded to your new address.

Once you have completed the closing you will want to make sure to do the following:

Make sure that your turn off the utilities and give the utility company your new address for the final bill.  Contact your homeowners insurance company to cancel the insurance on this property. They normally will ask you for the HUD1 statement. That is the papers that you went over at the first of the closing will all the numbers on it. This will also have both buyer and seller signatures on it and the insurance company will not be able to stop your insurance without it in most cases.

Now that the closing is finished and you are moving on with your life, take a moment to remember the job your Realtor did and if it was a good job, tell a friend and if it was a bad job, you should tell everyone. A good Realtor lives off referrals and please remember this when someone ask you if you know a good Realtor.

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