Choosing the Right Home

Choosing The Right Home

Helping Hands To FInd A Home

People sometimes think that they don’t have a choice when it comes to buying a home, because they feel restricted by their price range. You still have options and you should look at them before you consider what type of home to buy. You should ask yourself some of the following:

  • Do I want Suburbs or Country?
  • Do I want Urban/City?
  • What about Busy Streets – Noise Level From Traffic?
  • Would a Cul de Sac work better?
  • How far are we willing to commute to our work?
  • Are school zones important to us?
  • What type of home do we want?
  •     Single Family
  •     Condo, Townhouse, Cooperatives
  • Number of Stories
  •    Single Story
  •    More than one story
  •    Split Level
  • How Many Bedrooms?
  • Number of Baths?
  • What is the Square Footage that we will need (Minimum to Maximum)?
  • Do we want a Bonus Room?
  • Do we have pets to be concerned about?
  • How long are we planning to be in this home?
  • Are we willing or able to do some fixing up or remodel?

So you see you do have a lot of options and that is why a True Real Estate Professional is what your next move should be. A Realtor can help you answer each of the above questions and then help you move those options into your price range to see if you have a tight fit, good fit, or no fit.

What you want and what your budget will afford to buy are not always a perfect fit and it is up to your Realtor to assist you in getting you as close to you wish list as possible. Remember that your Realtor is there to help you find your dream home!

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