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Mid Florida Short Sales, Short selling your Mid Florida Home, Buyinga short saleA Mid Florida Short Sale is when the borrower owes more on the house than it is worth and a hardship makes it necessary for the borrower to sell the property.

If the borrower doesn’t have the funds to pay the lender the difference in what the property is currently worth and what is owed on the property, then the borrower ask the lender to consider taking less than what is owed on the property.

Seek Professional Assistance from a Mid Florida Short Sale Trained Realtor®

Normally in a Mid Florida short sale situation, the borrower is behind on the mortgage and catching the mortgage up to date in the near future is not an option.

When this occurs, the borrower should immediately look at the options that are available and if it comes down to a point when foreclosure looks like an option in the future, then the borrower should seek professional assistance from a Mid Florida short sale trained Realtor®.  Dick Sells is Internationally known as DR SHORT SALE and he does the short sale seminars nationwide  www.drshortsaleseminars.com.  When you’re upside down in your home, you need to know all your options, remember it costs no more to have the very best take care of your short sale.

Since the lender normally pays all of the closing cost plus the Realtor® commissions, then it cost the borrower no more to have a highly trained, professional Mid Florida short sale Realtor® working for them in the short sale process.  By doing this, the borrower has the best chance of a Mid Florida short sale being approved.

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Currently, only about 17% of short sales are approved when you consider all of them and the fact that a large majority of them are handled by Realtors®, that have little or no training in the short sale process.  When an experienced 
Mid Florida short sale trained Realtor®  is used by the borrower, the average goes up to 80% or higher. We hold the Short Sale Foreclosure Resourse designation and have worked with hundreds of homeowners in the Mid Florida area with their short sales.

In almost all situations, a Mid Florida Short Sale is the best option over Foreclosure and Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure.  Talk to us and let us explain your options.

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